About Us

The company Demotrans Spediton & Transport was established in 1996. The main activity of our company is logistic domestic and international freight transport and spedition. We also provide storage facilities for our customers.

We supply our customers with comprehensive and professional services and therefore all our customers do not need to trouble themselves about the quality of our job - the moment we they entrust their shipment to our care, they can be certain about perfect logistics of their goods.

We deliver all kind of goods ranging from small packages, pick ups, whole truck transport to oversized large volume all over Europe.

Meeting the demands of our customers, we put great emphasis on the perfection of qualifications and skills of our staff. This enables us to provide our customers with a high standard of our service.

We in-tend to maintain the highest quality standards.
We take great care of our communication system and in order to look after the good and satisfaction our customers we use the computerized satellite monitoring this assuring the full control over the entrusted goods and the transport fleet.

We have at our disposal various means of road transport and possibilities to ensure proper adjustment of vehicles to the volume and weight of the cargo.


INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION   tel. +48 71 399-93-52         INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT   tel. +48 71 399-93-53           e-mail: demotrans@demotrans.pl